Pick 'n' Mix Gift Packs

Pick and choose your favourite beers and ciders with our glorious gift packs. Containing three of your favourite Tomos Watkin ales or ciders, these easy-to-carry caddies come branded with our Welsh dragon design and smart signature logo - the perfect present for those with a taste for Tomos Watkin.

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Bicycle Beer


Bicycle Beer is an easy-going blonde lager brewed to a relaxed 4.2% ABV. Bursting with floral aromas and citrus flavours, it's the perfect partner for those lazy days spent kicking back and relaxing.

Treat yourself to a thirst-quenching, crisp and refreshing beer that's sure to keep those wheels well oiled.

Bicycle Beer is a vegan and vegetarian brew.

  • Mango & passionfruit flavours 
  • ABV 4.2%
  • Size: 500ml Bottles

Bicycle Beer

Blodwen's Beer - Tomos Watkin

Blodwen, Idris’ younger sister was fair of form and sweet of face. Her first job on leaving school was cockle picking. She proved to be the finest cockle picker in all of Wales. Unfortunately the rest of the teams productivity would fall to all time lows whenever Blod went to harvest natures bounty.

  • ABV 5.0%
  • Size 500ml

Blodwen's Beer is made from the finest pale malted barley delicately flavoured with citrus hops.

Blodwen's Beer

Cwrw Braf - Tomos Watkin


Cwrw Braf is a clean-drinking, amber-coloured ale with a light bitterness and gentle hop aroma. A session bitter yet, with all the flavours and quality you would expect from a Tomos Watkin premium ale.

  • ABV 4.2%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle

Cwrw Braf

Cwrw Haf - Tomos Watkin


Our immensely popular summer ale. Very light in colour, produced using no coloured malts, but strong in character and flavour.

  • ABV 4.2%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle
A blend of golding, fuggle and cascade hops give this beer a wonderfully refreshing zesty, citrus taste and a light summer aroma. A great summer drink from the cask and now available in a bottle.

Cwrw Haf

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Cwrw Idris - Tomos Watkin


Dedicated to the memory of Idris Parry AB, who established the Hurns Mineral Water Co., after he'd survived being torpedoed and sunk by the Kaiser... twice! Vowing never to go near salt water again, he spent the rest of his life downing the great Ales of Wales.

  • ABV 5.2%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle

We salute his spirit, we salute his dedication, and, lastly, we salute his buoyancy. Iechyd Da Idris!

Cwrw Idris

Delilah - Tomos Watkin
We are delighted to welcome a very special lady to our award-winning range of beers. Brewed to 4% ABV, Delilah is a light golden blonde ale produced using the finest malted barley and American hops, to give you a crisp, refreshing taste with zesty citrus flavours and a hint of spice. So go on – try try try Delilah.
  • 4% ABV
  • Size: 500ml Bottles


Magic Lagyr - Tomos Watkin


Brewed for lager drinkers who don't like the harsher taste of most premium lagers. Magic is brewed with the finest floor malted barley, the best German lager hops, quality Danish lager yeast and clear clean Welsh water.

  • ABV 5%
  • Size: 500ml Bottles

Painstakingly developed and trialled for over a year to enable us to bring to you an outstanding, classic, full flavoured but wonderfully clean finishing premium WELSH lager.

Magic Lagyr

OSB Old Style Bitter - Tomos Watkin


A rich red premium cask ale produced using pale ale, crystal and wheat malt. A full fruity/citrus hop flavour of willamette and fuggle with the light aroma of goldings.

  • ABV 4.5%
  • Size: 500ml Bottles

Bronze medalist at The GBBF 1999 and runner up in The Champion Ale of Wales 1999.

OSB Old Style Bitter

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Pint Glass - Tomos Watkin

Due to popular demand, our glassware is now available online so you can enjoy that perfect pint in style. Whether you want to add to your collection of craft beer glasses or keep them as a souvenir of a special memory, they add a tasteful touch of Tomos Watkin luxury to any shelf or cabinet.



Pint Glass

Swansea Jack - Tomos Watkin

There's no place like home, and home, for us, just happens to be the best place in the world. 

Celebrate our ugly, lovely town with a swig of proper tidy Welsh beer. The sweet taste of Abertawe itself, Swansea Jack is light, zesty and a pleasure to drink. At 4%, it's also pretty perfect for a session.

Jack Army, assemble.

  • Pale Welsh Ale
  • ABV 4%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle
A unique blend of amarillo, cascade and citra hops gives this Welsh beer a wonderfully refreshing zesty, citrus taste and a light, fruity aroma. With tasty notes of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit and a pale golden colour.

Swansea Jack

Taffy Apples Cider

Strong Celtic Cider*, thirst quenching and delicious. No ice, no blarney, no gimmicks. Straight from the fridge, chills to the core.

  • ABV 6%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle

*Please note that our Taffy Apples label has recently had a revamp! Bottles ordered will look like the bottle in the first picture above

Taffy Apples Cider

Tomos Watkin IPA - Tomos Watkin

Introducing Tomos Watkin IPA, a permanent new addition to our portfolio of award winning beers. Brewed to a full-bodied 4.8% using three different malts, this golden beer packs a fruity, flavoursome punch bursting with the irresistible aromas of peach, mandarin and apricot.

  • ABV 4.8%
  • Size: 500ml Bottles

Tomos Watkin IPA

Two Guns Lager

Two Guns premium lager delivers a hand-crafted, high calibre round straight to the heart of your thirst. Created by our team of craft brewers, this golden shot of frothy perfection targets the taste buds like no other brew. Now saddle up, it’s your round...

  • 4.7% ABV
  • 500ml bottles
  • Vegan & vegetarian-friendly

Two Guns Lager

Very Berry Fruit Cider

You asked, we listened. So popular on tap that we decided to bottle it, we guarantee that once you try our thirst-quenching Very Berry cider*, you'll have found your new favourite. 

Perfect for sunny summer days, welcome warmer weather with this fabulously fruity, juicy, fresh, fizzy and undeniably delicious fruit cider.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.

  • ABV 4%
  • Size: 500ml Bottle

*Please note that our Very Berry label has recently had a revamp! Bottles ordered will look like the bottle in the first picture above

Very Berry Fruit Cider

World Cup Lager

Tomos Watkin Brewery is proud to introduce a brand new lager to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our Welsh football team, who have qualified for Qatar 2022.

A sweet and delicate lager with a hint of malty white bread, subtle fruitiness and notes of vanilla. Enjoy the clean and refreshing finish with a light bitterness, brewed at a premium 4.7%.

  • ABV 4.7%
  • Size: 500ml Bottles

World Cup Lager

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