Tomos Watkin Brewery X Afan Coffee Co.

Swansea residents may have noticed the stylish new coffee house tucked away down Kings Lane just off the high street. Base Kamp is the home of Afan Coffee Co., where Neil and Helen expertly roast the finest coffees from around the world and serve them up to us lucky locals in need of a caffeine fix.

Being die-hard fans of a Base Kamp flat white and also of the ethos and story behind the brand, we approached the lovely pair to talk collaborations - we love working with fellow independent businesses in Swansea and wondered how our manufacturing backgrounds could work together on a new product. Happily for us, they loved the idea and the wheels were set in motion for what we could create together, when and how. The result of a couple of collaborative brainstorming sessions, we are now thrilled to announce the upcoming creation of a very special, limited edition Espresso Stout.

Made using recycled grounds from Afan Coffee Co.'s Guatemalan Washed Coffee as well as the finest floor-malted barley we could find, the stout will be bottled right here on-site in Swansea. For us, the pairing of coffee and beer is an absolute no-brainer, and we've been wanting to bottle a smooth, flavoursome stout for some time now due to the roaring success of our cask stout, Black Jack. The recycled grounds we're using in our brew have irresistible aromas of almond and milk chocolate and would otherwise be composted. 

Tomos Watkin X Afan Coffee Co. Espresso Stout will be available to buy online at and in our brewery shop from the first week in December. Neil & Helen will also be hosting some exciting dining events at Base Kamp where chefs will use our Espresso Stout in bespoke dishes made for a handful of lucky diners. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates.

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