Proper Welsh Beer: Introducing Swansea Jack

Swansea O’ Swansea O’ City said I,

Standing on the North Bank,

Until the day I die,

Take me to the Vetch Field,

Way down by the sea,

Where I will follow Swansea,

Swansea City!

Calling all Swansea Jacks! We've made a proper tidy Welsh beer, just for you. Celebrating the city we're lucky enough to call home, it's light, zesty and a pleasure to drink.

A unique blend of amarillo, cascade and citra hops gives this Welsh beer a wonderfully refreshing zesty, citrus taste and a light, fruity aroma. With tasty notes of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit and a pale golden colour, it's ideal for the long days of summer.

Inspired by all the things that make our city great, this tasty brew is emblematic of the place we are lucky enough to live. Whether it's enjoying a game at The Liberty Stadium, taking a stroll along Mumbles prom, reading up on our rich heritage at Swansea Museum, admiring the views from the marina or indulging in a few bevvies down Wind Street, there are so many things to do and enjoy in this amazing city, and we wanted to make a beer that celebrated this.

We are immensely proud to have been born and bred here in Swansea. In fact, the original founders of our drinks company, Hurns, started the business right here next to Swansea Docks back in 1872! Descendants of the same family still run the company today, and several generations of Parrys work at both Hurns and Tomos Watkin. We brew award-winning ales with pride and passion right here in South Wales and are extremely proud to be Welsh.

Show your love for our ugly, lovely town with a swig of this fine beer.

Available online, in-store at our brewery shop, and at selected pubs, shops and restaurants now. 

Jack Army, assemble.

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