Meet The Team: Tomos Watkin's Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

In our new weekly feature, we take you behind the scenes at the brewery to meet the people who make all the great things that happen here possible. 

Today we're meeting Becky, our Social Media & Ecommerce Manager. She started her copywriting career in London but felt the green, green grass of home calling her back to Swansea last summer (lucky for us!) and has worked here full-time ever since. You might recognise her from our brewery shop, or even from her familiarity with our CEO, Connie, as she is her youngest daughter.

A fourth-generation descendant of the same family that started our original business, Hurns Mineral Water Co., you could say that brewing (and enjoying a bevvy or two) runs in her blood. We caught up with her to talk family history, what it's like having your mum as your boss, and what's next for the brewery.

So, Becky, what exactly do you do here at the brewery?
I started off doing a bit of everything and getting stuck in in the shop, bar, behind the scenes packing off internet orders and also managing our social media channels. My job role has now been streamlined slightly to primarily involve me overseeing our ecommerce platforms and social media sites and marketing correspondence, though I do still enjoy serving customers in our busy shop and helping out with various tours and events we hold here at the brewery. 

How long have you been brewing?
I've been managing our social media channels from their infancy for over 5 years. I did this remotely as I lived in London until last summer but came back to Wales for various reasons - one of them being that I wanted to get more involved with the family business that I'm so proud to represent.

What's it like working for your mum?
It's actually great. A lot of people ask me this, expecting there to be issues with mixing home life and office politics, but if you know me and my family well then you know that we all get on like a house on fire. My mum Connie is genuinely one of my best friends so working alongside her is a pleasure. We survive on endless cups of tea (probably nearing 10 cups a day at time of writing), get the giggles frequently, and have daily brainstorming/catch-up sessions to see where we're at and ensure we're communicating well. Working with family has so many advantages - there are no boundaries so you can be totally honest and I believe this makes for a much more efficient way of working. We're also totally on the same page which helps, so we rarely run into disagreements about anything! I think mum is happy to have me on board to offer the input of a new generation to this ever-changing industry. 

What do you like most about working at Tomos Watkin Brewery?
I am genuinely so proud of my mum, my Uncle Phill and Aunty Claire for all the hard work they put in to make Hurns and Tomos Watkin such great successes. I've grown up watching strong, hardworking members of my family striving forward and it's inspired me to be the same. As in any business, we've had knock backs, but ultimately, we are tough as old boots and will keep going forward together! It's this grit and determination that I find so inspiring. I honestly feel so proud and honoured to work alongside these people every day and the family heritage behind our business is truly something that I love. My great great grandfather, Idris Parry started Hurns by bottling water that ran from a spring in his back garden, and his tiny venture has now grown into a business that ships lovely Welsh beer globally - I think it's safe to say that being driven and resourceful is in the Parry blood.

Can you let us in on any projects coming up that you're excited about?
We have a top-secret beer in the pipeline that I am super excited to launch in the upcoming months but that's as much as I can say for now, so watch this space! We're also recently released our tasty Very Berry cider in bottles so that's really fun for the summer - it's the creamiest. fruitiest, most delicious fruit cider that I've ever tasted and I can't tell you how happy my friends were when they found out they could now buy it in bottles. We are also working on making the brewery a destination space for events and gigs and have a night where my brother's band, The Arteries are playing here in April. I'm really looking forward to it! It's times like that, when we get to open our doors and show off all of our hard work, that make it all worthwhile - made even more lovely when your family and friends are at your side.

Stay tuned for next week's instalment of Meet The Team. In the meantime, you can shop our award-winning ales and ciders here and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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