Join the Growing Trend of Ladies who Love Beer

It’s a fact!  Ladies do like beer. We’re not just talking about flavoured and fruity beers that are growing in popularity but real, honest good-flavoured beer like our very own Cwrw Haf or Blodwen’s Beer, just two of our home brewed Great Ales of Wales range.

Appreciation of beer has for a long time been a bit of a boys’ club but no more.  Thanks to the growing popularity of quality, craft beers, there has never been such an interesting range of unique beers to tempt the palate of both men and ladies alike.

Why Beer is Becoming the Ladies’ Drink of Choice

Gone are the days of beer being all about testosterone laden gatherings of rugby lads slamming back the beers and slapping each other on the back in mutual appreciation.  This may sound like a cliché but so is the idea that a woman wants to drink a white wine or a cocktail and have her nails done.  But the tables have turned and a growing number of women out there who prefer beer as their drink of choice, both at home and in the pub.

Ladies are by nature inquisitive, thoughtful, and enthusiastic who don’t do things by half, and that includes loving beer. Modern craft beers, also known as ‘Session Ales’ no longer come only in bottles, but many micro-breweries are creating exciting and interesting draft craft ales for the pub, hotel and restaurant trades.  These days, it’s not unusual to see ladies enjoying a pint in a pub alongside their partners, friends and families. 

When it comes to drinking at home, bottled craft beers are very popular.  At Tomos Watkin, in addition to bottled beers, we also offer a range of session ales available in kegs.  These kegs are ideal for parties, watching sports events or simply to have the option of having your favourite beer to hand in the home.

Beer as an Accompaniment to Food

These modern beers also lend themselves as delicious and refreshing pairings for food.  Traditionally, people tend to drink beer with Indian Food and American food such as burgers.  When it comes to Italian or French food, people tend to naturally opt for wine as the drink of choice.  But with the increasing diversity of craft beers affording more complex flavour combinations, the art of pairing beer with food has taken off.

For example, dark beers, like our Cwrw Idris brew, is a great accompaniment with strong cheeses including blue cheese like the Welsh Cheese Per Las.  And our lighter, session ales, taste great with any chicken or fish dish.  And, though it’s another cliché, it’s usually the lady of the household who makes these choices when it comes to family meals or entertaining.

Tomos Watkin Beers

So, when it comes to joining the growing trend of ladies who love beer, all you need is an adventurous spirit, an open mind, and a little curiosity to get you started. And you don’t even have to hang out with the boys to enjoy your first tipple. 

To get you started, why not try one of our session ales or even one of our refreshing beers, like Cwrw Braf, which you can order online in bottles or kegs from our website.

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