COMING SOON - 'Blackbeard Spice Rum Crafted Ale' from 7th March 2016.

On our travels around the seas of the world searching for pirate booty, we came across a shipwreck. Inside we found Blackbeard’s treasure of gold dubloons and diamonds, but we weren’t interested in those. On closer inspection, we found the real treasure of oak casks of rum spiced with the finest ingredients from the seven seas. On our mission to brew the great ales of Wales, we sailed the casks through hurricanes and storms back to Tomos Watkin HQ for extensive tasting. For professional reasons obviously! Not wanting to keep all the fun for ourselves, we have created a recipe for a spiced rum stout, full of the flavour of Black Beard’s bounty. We only had so many rum casks from our haul, so don’t rest on your laurels and get a taste of this limited edition Black Beard’s treasure, because we don’t know if our ship will survive another trip. All you landlubbers will be wishing you were at the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker if you miss out on Black Beard’s stout. Ahoy me hearties, you’ll be three sheets to the wind...

Blackbeard Spiced Rum Stout 4.5 ABV

This limited edition rum spiced stout is a unique and complex beer abv 4.5%. Combining a full bodied malt palate of pale, amber and roasted malts with spicy hop flavours, it’s a delight for your tastebuds. Spiced rum soaked oak chips have been aged and added to every cask along with a secret blend of spices. Expect big flavours of coffee, oak, spice and the sweet vanilla flavour you’ve come to love from spiced rum. Order early to avoid disappointment. Available from 7th March 2016, check our website for further information.

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