Celebrating World Cider Day With Lewis Pies

We love any excuse to enjoy an ice-cold cider, and what better reason than to celebrate World Cider Day? On June 3rd, cider was honoured in all its glory, coinciding with a special new collaboration with our friends at Lewis Pies

We love working with fellow independent Welsh companies, and this local company is no exception. Using only the finest ingredients, this family-run business specialises in delicious pies and pastries, and we were honoured that they decided to infuse their latest mouth-watering creation with our very own Taffy Apples cider.

From their new Wilfred's Lovely Welsh Bakes range, it's expertly made with creamy chicken, fresh leeks and a dash of Taffy Apples. This latest pie was recently featured on QVC and is available to order so you can enjoy it at home during lockdown. Paired with some root veg and mashed potatoes, simply pop your pie in the oven to recreate a slap-up pub-inspired meal at home (oh, how we miss the pub)! We're enjoying ours with a cold glass of Taffy Apples - da iawn!



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